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Phil Heath takes his place on the Mr. Olympia wall in Gold’s Gym Venice Beach

With only 12 others being given the highest award in bodybuilding, Phil Heath’s 3-time Mr. Olympia accomplishment is quite the feat.

Phil's launch 2

They call him “The Gift”, and for good reason.  He began as a college basketball player with hardly enough conditioning to step on stage at any bodybuilding competition.   He found himself drawn towards the weights, and immediately noticed his talent, yet was unaware of his potential greatness.  “The first two years I competed as a pro, I qualified for the Olympia, and I declined that contest two years in a row.  So every year I declined I would get ridiculed by fans and other bodybuilders,” Phil says.  “I didn’t believe in myself and that I could be in the game and do something special.”

I would call 3 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles something special.  With tons of hard work and repetitive viewings of Pumping Iron  on VHS, Phil perfected his body and took his place on the wall of the Mecca of bodybuilding: Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach.

As I stood there talking to Phil, his muscles dwarfing mine, his wife brought him a bag with his next meal which was not to be delayed nor interrupted.  He ate it diligently despite the many fans and colleagues trying to grab his attention.  After he finished he hit the spot light and gave a motivating and thankful speech.

A theme he reiterated throughout the evening was belief; believing in oneself and trusting when others believe in you.

“Without belief none of this would be possible.  Without striving for excellence, striving for greatness, and wanting better each and every day will not yield being 3 time champion,” states the champ.  With a grin he added, “Hopefully 4 [wins] this September.”

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