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The Dark Ages of Flexible Dieting
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  The ideologues of the fitness industry have sounded their trumpets in announcement of the era of flexible dieting, chanting their slogan lustily, “donuts fit our macros!”  And out of the children’s cereal aisle has... Read More

4 Powerful AND Useful Back Exercises
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The back holds everything together. It houses the spine.  It allows you to stand upright; bend forward.  It is truly the core of everything you do physically. The back can be trained in many different... Read More

Insulin: The Most Important Fitness Hormone
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Hormones act like messengers telling the body to reproduce, grow, utilize nutrients, and simply survive.  We grow quite familiar with our hormones as we age. Testosterone and estrogen are generally the most commonly referenced hormones for men... Read More

Why I Can’t Be a Vegan Bodybuilder
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  “I am a body builder going vegan.  After 35 years of an omnivorous lifestyle, I’ve decided to make a remarkable change in my life: I am no longer going to eat meat or dairy... Read More

Does Kinesiology Tape Work?
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  The short answer: hardly. The long answer: it depends on how effective the power of suggestion is on your brain OR the severity of musculoskeletal pain or nerve impingement you are experiencing. I took it... Read More

Nutrition Made Easy: Start With These 2 Principles
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  I find that the most common and lingering problem preventing my clients from achieving their fitness results is NUTRITION.  Improper nutrition, that is. These incidents are not specific to weight loss – poor nutrition... Read More

How to Get Rid of the Stomach Pooch
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The notorious stomach pooch is that little fluffy area around the belly button that refuses to leave.  It is usually found on women, especially those that have had children. Lets get rid of it! 1. Eat... Read More

Exercise Your Privilege
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The ability to exercise is a privilege.  A privilege not everyone is bestowed.  One that is constantly neglected in our day. We live in tumultuous times – an era of information, technology, multi-tasking, arbitrary competition... Read More

Cecil Was The Right Lion To Kill
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Three weeks ago nobody was talking about trophy hunting. That’s right, and now they are! The rise of trophy hunting awareness in the wake of Cecil the Lion’s death has skyrocketed.  This topic has gone to... Read More

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