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Welcome Everyone.

If you love working out and want your body to look like a billion dollars (come on, a million is chump change) then you’ve landed on the right website.

I provide advanced training techniques. The usual fat loss and ‘getting in shape’ is the easy stuff. I won’t bore you with beginner skill training, THIS IS WHERE REAL MUSCLE IS MADE!

I know you have questions and I have answers! Please send a message and I will contact you ASAP!


Paleo Diet: Because Evolving is So 10,000 B.C.

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The idea behind Paleo Diet: The Paleolithic Diet or Paleo Diet is a nutritional guideline based on evolutionary conclusions that suppose the appropriate constituents of the human diet should conform to that of the original... READ MORE

The Art of Fitness

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In the gym, before I am a scientist or a mechanic, I am an artist.  A dreamer.  An idealist. There are very few methods that I strictly adhere to.  Methods and techniques are... READ MORE

4 Pro Tips For A Tenacious Breakfast

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The internet is overloaded with diet advice. Sometimes it blows my mind. Experts telling you to eat this or that…or DON’T eat this or that.  Should you count calories or not?  Is this... READ MORE