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Weight Loss Study Proves That Exercise Is Not Enough

Are you exercising but not seeing any fat loss?  You’re probably missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

A study by Loyola University Chicago found that exercise alone is not enough to prevent weight gain.  Of the 1,944 men and women participants, an increase in physical activity did not guarantee weight loss.  The study deduced that factors like “food environment” influenced their inability to lose weight. The participants were categorized by geographical location ranging from Africa, Jamaica, and the United States.  Geographical location results in different types of readily available food.  This factor is thought to be responsible for the weight loss or gain discrepancies among the varying groups.  Nonetheless, the lack of weight loss remained constant regardless of geographical location.

Exercise alone is not enough. In fact, the more physically active participants actually gained more weight. The cause? An increase in activity causes a demand for more calories.  The demand for more calories causes an increase in appetite.  If you are not careful, you might fall into the trap of thinking, “I’m exercising so it is okay to eat more.”  This is a common pitfall.  Beware!

Think about it this way: you can only gain weight if you consume food. If you are not consuming the right food in the right amounts, you will struggle to manage your body composition.  Nutrition is a huge factor in your weight loss journey.  You absolutely must eat good to look and feel good.

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