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Not A Morning Person? You Might Relate To This

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It is warm under my sheets and the cold on my face warns me of what is to come.  The sun has yet to rise.  The patter of tear-sized raindrops beat a soothing rhythm just outside my window.  Through a small opening in my blinds I can see their sublime dance as they catch the dim light from my patio.  King Tubby’sBrace’s Tower Dub No. 2judiciously encourages me to break away from my bed.  I chose that tune carefully.  I do not want to be demanded from sleep, nor would I benefit from a lullaby.

I struggle to escape.  I say escape because I do not wish to remain; I yearn for productivity – the blessed freedom that awaits the breaking of the shackles of tiredness.  I hobble to the restroom and drain what I imagine is the greater part of a gallon of urine.  A splash of water on my face.  A cold shower, perhaps.

A warm cup of coffee.

This feeling is familiar and a song begins to play in my mind: “As I wipe the sleep from my eyes / will my fondest dream please come true? / crush my heart with a hammer / make purer one / Babylon.”  The remainder of the song plays, but I pay it no mind.  I wish for to it stop, but even that task requires more energy than I’m willing to give.  I feel the coffee doing its job.

I sit down to read the morning news.  Politics, business, technology all fail to stir a single atom of energy in my body.  I get back up to grab an ice cube from the freezer.  If I can drop the temperature in my brew a few degrees I can drink it much faster.  Ten minutes left.  I sit back down and scan through my emails.  A collection of messages I will not read.  Into the trash they go.

I put my shoes on.  I open the garage.  Suddenly the air from outside rushes towards me.  The rain drops launch into a thunderous roar like the collection of instruments in an orchestra theater.  Mesmerized, I walk gleefully towards them.  I smell wet rocks and foliage.  The air crisp with life, and I breathe it all in.  I notice I’m smiling.  There it is.  I’m awake.  Today is going to be great.




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