Pasadena Muscle Company pays no attention to diet fads - they will all come and go.  Everyone tries to reinvent the wheel and the poor consumers pay the price.

Pasadena Muscle Company believes in keeping things simple; free of an agenda or smoke and mirrors. Rather than pretend to have the secret to dieting, we promote basic ideas that are tried and true:

It is not the diet that is the problem, it is the habits of the individual.

God himself can write you a diet plan but unless you choose to follow it, it will be useless.

The idea behind STRATEGIC EATING

At Pasadena Muscle Company, your success is of the utmost importance.  Rather than simply tell you to eat your chicken and vegetables, a pragmatic approach to healthy eating is constructed by taking into consideration the difficulty to adhere to a healthy diet.  Moreover, your goals should be streamlined and efficacious at all times in order to ensure timely results.  As such, your feedback and progress is continuously requested and changes are made as necessary.

Strategic eating involves the appropriate amount and ingredients within a meal strategically consumed for optimum results... sound complicated?  Really, it isn't. Besides, we'll take care of the hard work for you.  You just enjoy your food!