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The Benefits of Circuit Training

A circuit training class usually involves 2 or more people engaging in aerobic and strength training exercises.  Each individual of the group  performs an exercise for a given amount of time or number of repetitions.  When the exercise is finished, they move to the next exercise.  Most circuits range from 4 to 10 different exercises.

the benefits of circuit training
Example of a typical rotating circuit class
1. Strengthens Muscles and Cardiovascular System –

The exercises in a circuit range from a fast-paced repetitive movement to old fashioned weight lifting.  An example might be 1 minute of burpees followed by 15 repetitions of dumbbell shoulder presses.

The combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercises cause your muscles to exert strength while your heart and lungs are encouraged to distribute blood and oxygen to the working body.

2. Good for All Fitness Levels –

Whether you’re a newbie, senior citizen, weekend warrior, or avid weight lifter, a circuit class can and will challenge you.  The participants of the circuit are encouraged by the fitness trainer to perform to the best of their ability.  If someone cannot perform an exercise for the requested amount of repetitions or time length, the trainer is there to balance their intensity and make sure that they do not over exert themselves nor sell themselves short and quit!

3. Variety –

A good circuit class provides new and different exercises during each session.  This helps in two ways: (1) you exercise the entire body and (2) your workouts stay fresh and interesting.

4. The Group Dynamic –

Motivation, be it intrinsic or extrinsic, is one of biggest factors in your fitness success.  In a group setting you have the power and energy of the members pushing you along.  You’ll be surprised by how well you perform when there is someone other than your trainer encouraging you or cracking playful jokes to lighten the mood.

In addition, some people enjoy not being the center of attention.  A group circuit class provides an atmosphere to “blend in”.

Interested in joining a group circuit class in the Pasadena Area, there are classes offered at 6 am, 5 days a week at Mission Fitness Center.

For more info email: matthew@pasadenamusclecompany.com


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