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Muscle Building Technique: The Triad

This training technique can be used at any time during your workout to boost muscle growth.  It is a high volume method which means you will experience a burning, throbbing sensation in the muscle.  This is normal and it means it is working.  Remember to use a weight that is difficult enough to make this exercise effective, but not too heavy that it compromises your form or makes it too challenging.  Find the weight that is just right.

The triad is an exercise technique in which you split a single exercise into three parts:

  1. 1/2 of the motion from start to the middle
  2. 1/2 of the motion from the middle to the finish
  3. the entire motion

This technique is commonly known as 21’s or platoons.  However, you do not need to perform sets of seven.  I often split the exercise into sets of 5, 8, or 10.

Moreover, you can split the exercise into thirds:

  1. First set is first 1/3 of exercise
  2. Second set is the 2/3 of exercise
  3. Third set is the 3/3 of exercise





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